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Becca Schlaff

Hello fellow trichsters! I am an artist, I am a hair stylist, and I am one of you. I have trichotillomania myself. I’ve been living with a bald patch on my scalp since I was 8 years old. Sprinkle in years at a time with no eyelashes either. I know the name calling, the stares, the insensitive comments. I know the shame and the internal world we hide ourselves in. Worst of all I know the silence.
Recently I decided to combine my artistic talents and general badass-ery to become a licensed cosmetologist so I could bring customized services to you. I believe acknowledging the disorder reduces shame and opens up the channels to healing. I believe in holistic wellness and positivity…and from that your own inspiration & passions can blossom! I believe bringing awareness of trich and other BFRB’s is so important for those working in the beauty & wellness industry. Even though I was scared of going into a salon for 20 years due to my damaged hair & scalp, I know that awareness is key so I talk about my condition with other hair stylists and guests.
I want you to know that wherever you are at with your relationship to trichotillomania, you are beautiful. My goal is to inspire all of us to feel the best we can about ourselves and to rock. this. life.! You are fabulous!!

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