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Chaille DeFaria CPCC

Chaille DeFaria, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC
TLC Board of Directors Member

As a hair puller since the age of 15 and now in remission, I know the shame and suffering that often attached to this disorder. I found relief and freedom once I started talking. 

Your child is not sick, they do not have a disease, and they are definitely not alone. There is a community of trust and support waiting for you. We all develop behavioral patterns that we can't break. Though Trich and Derm are complex, shifting our awareness shifts our behavior. Feeling less isolated and educating loved ones on how to manage their behavior around Trich can be life changing. Coaching teens and parents suffering from BFRBs (Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors) has opened my eyes to what is actually possible. I have found my own unique way of reaching and moving my clients forward. I coach from the perspective that we are all naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. I help kids unveil the layers of shame, connect them to their strengths and the things in life that are unique to them so that they can develop personal strategies that will allow them to be more present. Only then can we begin to manage our behavior. In my coaching practice, I am witnessing real success stories, but the first step is about self-compassion, it is not about never pulling or picking again. This is where the healing begins.