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Christina Pearson

Christina Pearson grew up suffering greatly from both hair pulling and skin picking. Discovering she was not the only sufferer, she established TLC in 1990 (despite being ridiculed for it), to start providing resources and develop scientific credibility for this realm of human suffering. Today, the organization she started years ago has dramatically improved the understanding of, and offered access to, credible information and resources. Leaving TLC after 23 years in 2013, she is now president and Curriculum Director for her new project, the nonprofit Heart & Soul Academy for BFRB Living Skills. Utilizing teachings form both Science and Spirit in support of authentic recovery, the primary goal of the Academy is to enable access from anywhere in the world to online courses and regional events that teach useful, practical, living skills for those with BFRBs and their families. Visit www.hasacademy.org for more information!