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Jennifer Cook

Jennifer Cook is a Mom to three kids. Two of which have BFRB's. She has been on the journey of recovery herself for over 30 years. Even though she still pulls the occasional hair or twenty, she has come to find out, even though Trich is still ever present in her life, that one can go on to live a happy and fulfilled life in spite of Trich.

Samantha, started pulling her lashes when she was 6, progressed to brows when she was 8, and finally her hair when she was 11. 6-months after she started pulling her hair she took the brave step to shave her head, and made it her mission to educate people and her school on trich and other #bfrbs. This lead to her class making a youtube video explaining trich which has been viewed more than 800 times, and their class goal is for it to be viewed over 1,000 times. TLC featured Samantha and her Mom in their quarterly newsletter.

They live in a suburb of Portland, Oregon and enjoy spending time with family, traveling and how to better understand mental health disorders.