Lauren McKeaney

As a compulsive skin picker for over 2 decades, Lauren started the nonprofit Picking Me Foundation in 2016 to advocate the mental illness that not only shaped and scarred her skin but many of her life experiences. Now she has developed a community of dermatillomania sufferers and supporters, offering management techniques through her Fiddle Packs full of fidget toys to promote finger energy off the body, Acceptance Tolerance through understanding that practice doesn’t make perfect, and ownership of the controlling disorder through the Picking Me Pledge of “I’m #PickingMe over my BFRB because..” encouraging participants to share something they proudly choose about themselves opposed to the disorder that chose them. She has exhibited/presented at BFRB Con, IOCDF Con, ADAA Con, next will be at Mental Health America, and she currently offers her 4-session Picking Me Program to aid clinicians working with BFRB individuals. To learn more visit www.pickingme.org!