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Sarah Pennington

Sarah Pennington, a BFRB Ambassador, has been a sufferer of BFRBs since she was eleven. Sarah has tried every medication and therapy option available, even attending Rogers Memorial Hospital for three months after entering an unbreakable cycle of anxious pulling and depression. After this experience, Sarah was able to go hatless for the first time since having bald patches. Through a series of YouTube videos, Sarah started to publically share her journey. Now, Sarah has dedicated her life to being the voice for everyone suffering in silence. From being Miss Freedom Forge’s Outstanding Teen 2016 to competing in Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA bald, Sarah has reached out and touched the lives of many through dozens of speeches and presentations. She even met with a Congressman in Washington D.C. to bring his awareness to the need for better psychiatric coverage. Now, as Sarah prepares to head to college, she hopes to successfully start up a nonprofit after majoring in business/communications, all while spending her days working alongside her psychiatric service dog Daisy.